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Residential Heating & Cooling in St. Louis

Residential heating & cooling systems are vital for indoor comfort during hot St. Louis summers and cold St. Louis winters. With the right sized and correctly chosen HVAC system, you can enjoy comfort with efficient yet economical heating & cooling all year round. Additionally, properly maintaining your existing heating & cooling system will ensure that your system remains operating efficiently and at maximum output levels for years to come.

Galmiche and Sons is a leading heating and cooling company serving the St. Louis area. We offer a wide variety of heating & cooling services and can help ensure your comfort all year long.

A Look at Our Residential Heating & Cooling Services

At Galmiche and Sons Heating and Cooling, we can assist with a variety of HVAC services. Our expertise with various makes and models of equipment makes us well poised to address even the most challenging requirements. As part of our expert HVAC services, we can:

  • Design and install a complete HVAC systems for new construction
  • Replace your old HVAC equipment with a new, optimally-performing system
  • Retrofit the ductwork in your for home enhanced air flow and ventilation across all the rooms of your home
  • Service and repair your existing heating or air conditioning units
  • Perform regular maintenance on your existing heating & cooling system

To learn more about our residential heating & cooling services, contact our heating & air conditioning company online or by phone at 314-993-1110.

Choosing Whether to Repair or Replace your Residential Heating & Cooling System

When you are facing issues with your heating & cooling system, one major challenge is deciding whether to repair the unit or replace the system entirely. While individual factors like time-availability and budget will play an important role in your repair or replace decision, it is vital that you keep in mind two additional important factors.

  • The expected life of your existing heating & cooling system: If your heating & cooling system is nearing or has past its expected life span, it is most often recommend to replace the system. While this can be a costly investment, the cost of repairing old outdated systems again and again can eventually build up to cost more than a replacement.
  • Your system’s current operational cost: When you repair your heating & cooling system, the money you pay goes towards returning the system its current energy efficiency level. Therefore, if the system is inefficient, your operating expenses will remain very high. Replacing an old system with a more advanced unit will not only save you the trouble of frequent disruptions and repairs, it will also upgrade you to higher energy efficiency and lower electricity bills.

Still not sure what choice to make or need more personalized help? Call us and we will be happy to offer our advice. You can also learn more with our HVAC Replacement FAQs.

Improving the Longevity of Your Heating & Cooling System with Regular Maintenance

St. Louis Residential Heating and Cooling Services

Preventive maintenance is an important part in keeping your heating & cooling system operating properly. Therefore, preventative maintenance should ideally be done two times a year. It is recommended to schedule the inspection and servicing of your heating system before the fall and your air conditioning system before the onset of spring. As a result, each system will be cleaned and ready for the upcoming season.

Periodic preventive maintenance of your heating & cooling systems will benefit you in a number of ways, including:

  • Assist in saving energy by restoring the energy efficiency and performance of your unit
  • Prevent you the trouble of costly, emergency repairs
  • Increase life expectancy of your heating & cooling units

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Residential Heating & Cooling Services

As a leading HVAC company serving the greater St. Louis area, Galmiche and Sons is the company of choice for many St. Louis homeowners. With over 60 years providing excellent service, we will ensure your heating & cooling needs are met. To learn more about our residential heating & cooling services or to request a quote for HVAC maintenance or HVAC system replacement, call us at 314-993-1110 or contact us online.

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