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We at Galmiche & Sons, draw from over 60 years of experience meeting the HVAC needs of customers in the St. Louis area. Our team of expert technicians is adept at performing heating and air conditioner servicing and repair across a number of the most popular makes and models. We provide premium heating and air conditioner maintenance services for everything from household air conditioners and furnaces to large commercial scale equipment.

As a leading HVAC company serving the St. Louis area for many years, we understand the value for your time and money. When your heating and cooling system is serviced by a technician from Galmiche & Sons, you can be sure that you will not have to worry about the health of your heating & air conditioning system nor about having to spend a large amount of money or time on the maintenance work. To learn more or to schedule HVAC maintenance service, call us today at 314-993 – 1110.

The Need for Heating & Air Conditioner Maintenance

Regular heating and air conditioner maintenance has benefits apart from the time and money you save by preemptively inspecting and servicing the unit. It provides un-obstructed comfort year round, promotes a healthy home and work environment, and most of all, provides you the peace of mind that efficiently functioning heating and air conditioning systems bring. At Galmiche & Sons, we provide complete heating and air conditioner maintenance services for both residential as well as commercial facilities.

Five Major Benefits of Regular Heating and Air Conditioner Maintenance

St. Louis Heating & Air Conditioner Maintenance Services

1. Comfort at home: The best thing about periodic heating and air conditioner maintenance is prevention of major damages and breakdowns. Struggling without a working furnace or air conditioner can be a challenge during the extreme temperatures in summer or winter. However, having your system inspected and serviced regularly, can help you avoid this situation by preventing serious problems.

2. Better air quality indoors: The health of your HVAC system will determine quality of the air you and your family breathe at home. Having regular heating and air conditioner maintenance done will keep air filters and HVAC systems clean, dirt free, and blockage free. Therefore, the filtering power of your system receives a boost and you enjoy the benefits of clean and healthy air.

3. Lowered repair costs: Routine heating and air conditioner maintenance not only helps to locate problems in a timely manner, but also ensures timely correction of the problem. Having a problematic component of the system repaired or replaced will to cost much less than a repair after major damage has been done. With timely heating or air conditioner maintenance you can spot issues before they cause major damage, and your air conditioner maintenance professional can fix the issues economically.

4. Reduced electricity bills: When all components of your heater or air conditioner units are regularly inspected and tuned, they work at maximum energy efficiency. In the absence of regular heater or air conditioner maintenance, the system is burdened by malfunctioning parts cause it to draw more power for the same function. Therefore, regular heating and air conditioner maintenance can allow you to enjoy lower electricity bills.

5. Increased system longevity: Regular furnace and air conditioner maintenance will keep your system tuned up and prolong its life. Therefore, major breakdowns are easily avoided. When you have heating and air conditioner maintenance done regularly, damages to your HVAC system can be fixed as soon as they appear. When an air conditioner maintenance professional inspects the system, any potentially damaging wear and tear on the belts, pumps, and other functional parts are noticed on time.

Schedule Regular Heating & Air Conditioner Maintenance with Galmiche and Sons

Having regular heating and air conditioner maintenance performed at least once per year is important to maintain your equipment in optimum working condition. Ideally, the maintenance should be done before the onset of the new season. Therefore, air conditioning maintenance is recommended in the spring or early summer, while furnace maintenance is recommended in the fall.

To learn more about our furnace and air conditioner maintenance services or to schedule a maintenance service, contact us online or by phone at 314-993-1110.

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