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Gas Furnaces – An Overview

Gas Furnaces - St. Louis Heating and Cooling Services

Natural gas furnaces are the most popular residential furnace solutions used today. Over 70% of new residential facilities built in 2008 had gas heaters included in their architecture, and this percentage is only increasing with time. The Center for Integrative Environmental Research of the University of Maryland conducted a study, which revealed that a typical family household can save up to hundreds of dollars just by using high fuel efficiency natural gas furnaces.

At Galmiche and Sons Heating and Cooling, we specialize in the sales, installation, and servicing of many different kinds of natural gas furnaces. These include, Goodman furnaces, which are one of the most popular brands available today, known for providing a good value for your money.

To learn more about the benefits of gas furnaces or for help selecting and installing gas furnaces in your home or commercial building, contact our heating & air conditioning experts online or by phone today at 314-993-1110.

Advantages of Using Gas Furnaces

1. Greater and Faster Heating
With gas furnaces, you can enjoy steady heat with temperatures nearing 130 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is about 40 degrees higher than what you can achieve with an electric furnace. Because of this higher heat, you achieve higher temperatures in your home. Gas furnaces also provide the advantage of heating rooms faster than other types of furnaces. As a result, gas furnaces allow you to enjoy steady, warmer temperatures at a quicker pace.

2. Better Fuel Efficiency
The annual fuel utilization efficiency of the most efficient natural gas furnaces falls between 90 to 97%. This better fuel efficiency means that the furnace will heat up steadily while using less fuel. The use of less fuel results in lesser exhaust emitted into the air and a reduced need for peripheral ventilation. The use of less fuel also means significant reductions in operating costs.

Additionally, the clean burning of natural gas and the reduction in the amount of fuel used provides benefits for the environment in general.

3. Higher Longevity
The longevity of gas furnaces is typically higher than that of electric furnaces. After you have a gas furnace installed, it should only require regular maintenance and cleaning in order to prevent major breakdowns and avoid costly repairs.

4. Reduced Operating Costs
Having gas furnaces installed is very cost effective. Not only are gas furnaces more efficient, meaning they use less fuel, but also the fuel your gas furnace uses is cheaper than electricity. Therefore, gas furnaces easily become the most economical method of heating your home.

Maintenance Services for Gas Furnaces

Gas Furnaces - St. Louis Heating Repair Services

Keeping gas furnaces in good shape with regular maintenance will keep the efficiency of the units high and ensure a long life expectancy. When inspected for damages and serviced by a trained professional on a regular basis, the furnace will use less gas as it can operate at peak efficiency. Therefore, this periodic maintenance will help decrease your annual utility bills.

Some of the types of maintenance and cleaning that are important include dusting all vent covers, hosing out debris from air ducts, changing filters every thirty days, and cleaning of the gas furnace blower. Additionally, inspection of your gas furnace by a professional will help make sure that no poisonous gases like carbon monoxide enter your home, due to a faulty gas furnace. We recommend annual furnace maintenance once a year in the fall to prepare your furnace for the upcoming winter season.

Call Us Today for Gas Furnace Installation & Repair

To learn more about our services for gas furnaces including repair, maintenance, or installation, call the heating and cooling professionals at Galmiche and Sons today. As one of St. Louis’ leading HVAC companies, we can ensure your gas furnace is operating at peak efficiency.

To request a quote for a new HVAC system or to learn more about our services for gas furnaces, call us today at 314-993-1110.

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