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Electric Furnaces – An Overview

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Electric furnaces are furnaces that are powered by electricity. They generate heat and also drive air through the central heating system using electricity. In areas where access to oil or natural gas may be constrained, electric furnaces are the most convenient method of heating homes. Additionally, when considering the extent to which heat is lost in some other types of furnaces, electric furnaces are among the most efficient furnaces available. This is because there is no heat that must be vented, thus all of the heat generated stays indoors. However, operating costs for electric furnaces tend to be high because of high electricity costs.

To learn more about electric furnaces and to determine whether an electric furnace is the right choice for your home, contact our heating & air conditioning company online or by phone at 314-993-1110.

Advantages of Using Electric Furnaces

1. Higher Safety Levels
Electric furnaces are safer than oil or gas furnaces since you do not need to worry about oil or gas leakage. Fatal gases like carbon monoxide are a big concern when you have a gas furnace. However, with electric furnaces, no dangerous gases are used or produced that can be leaked into your home.

The risk of fire is also significantly reduced since electric furnaces themselves contain no fire. Additionally, they do not use fuel storage tanks, which can combust. As a result, most major safety concerns posed by gas furnaces eliminated with electric furnaces.

2. Improved Comfort and Cleanliness
Some people believe that electric furnaces provide for a more comfortable atmosphere indoors. They often reduce or eliminate the need for an additional humidifier because electric furnaces do not remove as much moisture from the air as other furnaces. Additionally, electric furnaces consume no burning fuel and hence run cleaner than gas or oil furnaces.

3. Efficiency and Economy
Electric furnaces are very economical in terms of the initial money and space they require. Not only do they cost less to purchase than comparable furnaces, electric furnaces are also cheaper to install. Additionally, they do not occupy as much space as oil or gas furnaces typically do and can fit in tighter spaces.

In general, electric furnaces have a higher efficiency. Even though electricity costs more than gas or oil, electric furnaces typically are able to retain more heat in your home since heat venting is not required. Newer models of electric furnaces also now come with higher energy efficiency rates, which can result in even more savings. Finally, electric furnaces are a greener and cheaper option for converting to solar power into heating for your home.

Maintenance Services for Electric Furnaces

Electric furnaces are very easy to maintain. They typically require only simple maintenance tasks like removing dust and debris from the blower, changing of the filter once every thirty days, changing the blower belt of the electric furnace in case of any damage or abrasion, washing vent covers to clean them, etc. Additionally, should any major problems occur, professionals can easily handle trouble shooting any problems and determine the best solution.

Having your electric furnace inspected by a professional at least once per year will help you stay alert of any potential problems. Therefore, you can fix any of these problems easily before they turn into major issues and costly repairs.

Call Us Today for Electric Furnace Installation & Repair

Electric Furnace Repair & Maintenance Services

At Galmiche & Sons, you will find EPA trained and certified technicians with vast experience installing electric furnaces of all sizes and models. Our professionals can help you choose electric furnaces of the right size, energy efficiency, and model so that you make the best, most economical choice of heat and warmth for your family.

We are equipped to repair, remodel, or replace electric furnaces of all makes and models. Having your electric furnace inspected and serviced periodically by our technicians will help you maintain its efficiency and prolong its life, while preventing major breakdowns.

Call us today at 314-993-1110 or contact us online to schedule a service request for HVAC maintenance, and let us help you get the most out of your electric furnace!

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